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Professional Records File for Teachers

As a certificated teacher, there are several documents you should keep in your professional file.
These documents should not be kept in your classroom!

1.       Your teaching certificate(s)/license(s)
2.       Transcripts of degrees and credits including attendance
3.       Letters of hire
4.       An individual employee contract if signed upon hire.
5.       Supplemental contracts for extra duty responsibilities.
6.       The negotiated contract.
7.       Yearly salary information and payroll notices.
8.       Records pertinent to your retirement, including STRS statements and bulletins.
9.       Records of leave accrual and use.
10.     Evaluation and growth plans.
11.     Commendations, awards and honors.
12.     Teaching schedules
13.     Records of incidents involving discipline or referral of students.
14.     Records of referrals of students with special needs.
15.     Copies of correspondence from the principal and the district.
16      Proof of membership. (Membership card)
17.     The CTA/NEA $1million liability insurance policy brochure