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Maternity Leave


When a unit member is expecting a baby, the following information may be helpful. To request further information, please contact the GEA Office or Human Resources.


At least one month prior to the expected delivery date, notify your principal of your anticipated leave date. A physician's release to return to work is required.


Article 11.6 - Maternity Leave

Maternity leave is the same as sick leave. The physician determines the amount of leave needed for child birth and recovery.

At the beginning of each school year, full time teachers accumulate 10 days of sick leave per year. Psychologists who work more than 183 days receive proportionally more sick leave.

You may use these days before the end or any school year. You may also have days accumulated during previous years or days accumulated from another school district.

When all accumulated sick leave days have been exhausted, the unit member is entitled to "differential pay." Under the contract and the Education Code, when sick leaves runs out, a unit member is entitled to up to 100 days at half pay, which may be used with doctor's authorization for pregnancy (article 11.12.5).

Article 11.7 - Parental Leave (Unpaid)

If the unit member wishes to stay out longer for child care, she must apply for a leave of absence without pay. Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, the District pays medical benefits for 12 weeks or 60 work days.

Article 11.8 - Parental/Adoption Leave (Paid)

Unit members adopting a child may use personal necessity for this process. A unit member may use up to 50% of accumulated sick leave for the adoption of a child, and may apply to the Superintendent for up to the full amount if necessary. The unit member should notify the immediate supervisor as soon possible. Also fathers may use personal necessity days for the birth or adoption of a child.


Income protection is voluntary program available through CTA which covers pregnancy and attendant conditions. After the seventh day of consecutive absence due to illness or pregnancy, income protection pays $25 per day while the unit member has fully paid sick leave. When the unit member is receiving the differential 50% pay, CTA's carrier pays 25% of the per diem salary, tax-free. The plan does not cover the summer months, unless the member has a contract for summer school.

GEA highly recommends that all unit members sign up for this valuable benefit plan.


The district health benefits plan remains the same as long as the unit member is on paid sick leave. In addition, the Family Medical Leave Act guarantees 12 weeks of paid health benefits (though not salary) to care for a baby after the medical authorization is over. Once the twelve weeks are exhausted, members should check with Anita Robledo ex. 2558.


Immediately after giving birth, notify Anita Robledo. You must enroll your child as a dependent for health insurance within 30 days of birth to ensure coverage. You may obtain a Change of Insurance Form prior to going on leave. This will help expedite the process of getting the child on your insurance.


Unit members have to serve 75% of the days school is in session to qualify to move a step on the salary schedule. Please count these days carefully. New parents who have given birth in the Summer and Fall, sometimes miscalculate. If you return after the first quarter, you may miss the 75% requirement by a day or two. With 183 days in the school year, 138 is the number of days that equals 75% of the school year. You must serve 138 days, or be off without pay no more than 45 days.